5 Tips to Convert Crypto to Cash

“The ultimate goal for an investor at present when crypto adoption is in its cradle is to convert cryptocurrency to cash and then use it for buying goods and services. Thus, until cryptocurrencies become the widely accepted medium of exchange, we must be aware of how to convert crypto to cash and gain the most out of it.”

Why Convert Crypto to Cash?

The fiat currency or cash is the most widely used currency by any country and in order to buy a good or a service; the required currency is the fiat one and not the crypto one. Thus, every investor’s goal is to reap the benefits of volatility of the crypto market and then convert the profit into cash that can be actually used as a medium of exchange at the moment. Though, the scenario might change in the near future until then we must know the tips to effectively convert cryptocurrency to cash and maximize our profits.

5 Tips to Convert Crypto to Cash

Choose a Trustworthy Crypto Exchange

The first tip is to choose a crypto exchange that is trustworthy. The exchange chosen must have the highest trading volume and should also be highly secure. This will ensure that the crypto is converted into cash at the most competitive rates and in a secured manner and at a minimum possible fees. Always stay away from the exchanges who don’t have a good track record and charge high fees.

Double check while transferring

Many crypto investors lose their crypto assets in the process of transfer of funds from their wallets to their wallets in the chosen exchange. Before transferring the coins one must double check the receiving wallet address and after copying the address one must check that the wallet has been copied completely. The transaction made to an incomplete wallet or a wrong wallet will result in irrecoverable loss of assets. Also, some currency transfers require attaching a memo with transaction, this must also be considered while transaction and the instructions must be read and fulfilled completely.

Keep the Transaction a Secret

As you never share your credit card information with anyone, while transferring the crypto from your wallet, you must not take any help from anybody and the transaction must be kept secret and secured.

Trade Crypto for Local Currency only

Always trade crypto transferred to the exchange in the local currency only to prevent the trading fees further. If you convert it into another currency first, and then to the local currency it will incur more trading fees.

Convert Crypto to Cash Only when Necessary

Never rush into converting crypto to cash and do it when absolutely necessary. As the price of crypto assets rise and fall rapidly, there is a chance that you are selling at a loss or by holding there might be a chance of appreciation in value.

Disclaimer: The article is meant for the educational purpose only and in no way it should be considered as financial advice. Own research on the topic is advisable.

Photo by Executium on unsplash