Tips for Surviving a Crypto Bear Market

“Cryptocurrency is always imagined as the traders paradise by the new traders as they enter the market due to the fact that they saw an overnight millionaire that invested in crypto. But the truth is that like every market, crypto faces the cycles of bull and bear markets. Everyone likes a bull run but no one likes the market in red (bearish) and hence one must prepare himself for the survival in the crypto winter as we call it.”

Bearish Trends: The Fear that’s always lurking from the Dark.

Everybody enjoys a bull run as it can give profits of a lifetime and everyone dreads a bearish trend as it can ruin the profits. After every bullish trend comes the bearish trend and hence, there is no way to escape the fact and the only option there is to prepare for a bear cycle beforehand as the bear is always lurking from the dark.

Tips to Survive a Bear Market

There are various means that can help you in surviving this crypto winter:

Have Patience

No matter how long it seems, it will come to an end. Every bear market ends and thus you must hold on to your investments with diamond hands. Losing patience can lead to selling off the assets in loss, losing the whole point of investing. Having patience and holding for the long term rather than trading in a bear market will definitely earn you profits.

Stake or Lend Whenever you can

While you have your patience intact, you can put your crypto assets to work by staking or lending. Staking or lending provide you a hefty interest on your crypto assets that is much more than offered by banks on the fiat currencies. So, by the time the next bull run arrives, you have a little more than what you would otherwise have. It can also be used as a passive income throughout the bear market.

Buy at Discounted Prices

The Bear market provides you with an opportunity of buying your favorite crypto assets at a discounted price providing you with an opportunity of earning even more in the long run. Buying a dip will help you accumulate more assets at less the price that would have accumulated otherwise.

Keep Stable Coins Ready

Always have some investments in stable coins as they are not volatile and their value throughout the bear market will remain the same. Whenever a pump is encountered one must quickly trade the stable coins for the pumping cryptocurrency and quickly take profit and reconvert it into the stable coin resulting in profitable trades throughout the bear market. Though low greed strategy will be your best friend in this scenario.

Disclaimer: The article is meant for the educational purpose only and in no way it should be considered as financial advice. Own research on the topic is advisable.

Photo by geralt on Pixabay