Crypto Trading Strategies that Can be Beneficial to You

Key points

  • Primary Research 
  • High-Frequency Trading (HFT)
  • Range Trading
  • Dollar-Cost Averaging
  • Building Balanced Portfolio
  • Scalping
  • Don’t Trade on Hype
  • Day Trading

The number of people trading crypto is increasing every day. People need to understand that similar to trading in equities and commodities, there are risks involved with crypto trading. For any investor, to get long-term returns, it is essential to develop strategies that can make trading safe. Given below are some strategies that may assist an investor in getting good returns. 

Primary Research 

It is the most important trading strategy. Before investing in an asset, primary research must be done on that crypto. This involves having complete information about the news and flow of the crypto market.  

High-Frequency Trading (HFT)

It is a strategy that is most suited for advanced traders as it requires developing algorithmic and trading bots to help investors, to enter and exit the market quickly. Developing such bots require strong knowledge about mathematics and computer science, and also an understanding of complex market trends.         

Range Trading

In this, the investors depend on analysts who provide support and resistance level for cryptocurrencies every day. The support level is below the current price of the cryptocurrency, it is the level below which the crypto prices are not supposed to fall. Resistance is above the current price of the crypto, it is the level to which the prices of crypto may rise for that day. 

Dollar-Cost Averaging

In this strategy, a fixed amount is invested at regular intervals. In this strategy, an investor doesn’t need to time the market. 

Building Balanced Portfolio

It is a strategy that involves holding different coins that would help in beating the volatility of the market. It is a strategy that is based on portfolio diversification, which is to invest in different cryptocurrencies. 


In this strategy, the investors utilize increased trading volumes to make a profit. This may be a risky strategy, but smart traders, use their experience to avoid any bad trading experiences. Here the traders analyze crypto assets, volumes, and past trends to choose the entry and exit point. 

Don’t Trade on Hype

Depending on one source for information can be very risky. There is always false hype created around cryptos that may not have a viable long-term future. There is also the possibility of false information. 

Day Trading

This trading strategy is where an investor holds a position and on the same day closes it. This strategy is implemented to make quick profits from the everyday price movements of cryptocurrency. Investors use technical indicators to determine the entry and exit points from the market. 

Disclaimer: The article is just to provide information and shouldn’t be considered as any financial advice. It is advisable to conduct thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency. 

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