How Safe Is A Tumbler?

Key points

  • Defining a Tumbler
  • Understanding Cryptocurrency Tumbler
  • Functioning of Cryptocurrency Tumbler
  • The legality of Bitcoin Tumbler
  • How safe is Bitcoin Tumbling?

The biggest misconception that is associated with Bitcoin is that it is anonymous. But it is not true, as in Bitcoin all the transaction-related information is stored and distributed on the network and with the help of a few analysis tools, the complete transaction history of a Bitcoin can be uncovered. 

To escape this, some Bitcoin investors employ Bitcoin Tumblers to eliminate the transaction history of Bitcoin. 

Defining a Tumbler

A Tumbler, which is also known as a mixer is a service that is utilized by investors to make a transaction untraceable. This is achieved by tumbler, through the mixing of digital currencies. It helps in improving the basic nature of exchanges by making it difficult to trace Bitcoin. To employ such services an investor is required to pay 0.29% to 3.00% of the amount that is to be made untraceable.      

Understanding Cryptocurrency Tumbler

In Cryptocurrency Tumbler, different exchanges are mixed, making it impossible to track the origin of the coins. 

Since Bitcoin is an open-source blockchain network, anyone with enough knowledge can analyze it to gather information about Bitcoin, wallet locations, identification cards, names, and ledgers. Here, Bitcoin Tumbler will completely break the connection between digital wallets and their locations, making it difficult to gain access to any information regarding Bitcoin. 

Cryptocurrency Tumbler creates a new crypto history for Bitcoin, by creating a unique blockchain using various trades and cryptocurrencies available.  

Many are using Cryptocurrency Tumbler for criminal activities, like money laundering and tax evasion. 

Functioning of Cryptocurrency Tumbler

In Cryptocurrency Tumbler, an exchange is sent through a complicated, semi-arbitrary arrangement of other, fake exchanges, making it extremely difficult to form a connection between coins and an exchange.

Cryptocurrency Tumbler is initiated, when Cryptocurrency Tumbler receives guidelines from members, instructing them on which asset to be sent to which address. Cryptocurrency Tumbler services will then mix this exchange with all the exchanges of other clients. After mixing, random coins will be returned to the members, that will be virtually untraceable. By mixing the coins, all the data about the coin is encrypted. 

The legality of Bitcoin Tumbler

It is not illegal to tumble Bitcoin; there are no particular laws that forbid the tumbling of Bitcoins. However, there have been instances in the past where Bitcoin tumbling is used to carry out criminal operations. 

How safe is Bitcoin Tumbling?

We have learned from the past that Bitcoin Tumbler can fail and when this happens they do notify their clients about it, but only a short time before. This intimation to the clients is to allow them to withdraw their funds, but this sudden shutdown of Bitcoin tumblers in the past indicates that the ultimate authority is in their hands.           

Disclaimer: The article is just to provide information and shouldn’t be considered as any financial advice. It is advisable to conduct thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency. 

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