The Fundamental Difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

“There is no doubt that Bitcoin is the most dominant cryptocurrency, but it has its flaws and these flaws gave rise to a hard fork that resulted in Bitcoin Cash. Though Bitcoin Cash is separated from Bitcoin, they have fundamental differences that are worthy of description”. 

Why Bitcoin Cash?

There have been major disagreements among the Bitcoin community throughout the Bitcoin’s Journey and one of the disagreements led to the rise of Bitcoin Cash. In 2015, Bitcoin underwent a softfork known as SegWit (Segregated Witness) in which the size of each transaction was reduced so that the transaction speed can be increased. This led to various disagreements as a group of people in the community were of the opinion that this was not the right method to enhance network speed and thus they decided to separate from the main Bitcoin and in August 2017 a hard fork occurred that resulted in Bitcoin Cash.

Fundamental Difference

There are various fundamental differences between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash and they are discussed below:

Block Size

This is the major difference and the biggest reason for which the Bitcoin Cash was created. The block size of Bitcoin was limited to 1 MB whereas Bitcoin Cash’s initial block size was 8MB that was later increased to 32 MB

Transaction Fees

The small size of the block of Bitcoin creates congestion and even SegWit was not able to resolve it. The large block size of Bitcoin cash ensures that the traffic on the network is not congested and hence less transaction fee is charged on the Bitcoin Cash network when compared to Bitcoin network.


Bitcoin has an enormous hashrate of 180.42EH/s as compared to 1.50EH/s which means there are more than 100 times the miners available in the Bitcoin network and thus the Bitcoin network is far more secure.

Market Cap

Bitcoin has an enormous market cap of $924 Billion as compared to $8.26 Billion of the Bitcoin Cash. This means Bitcoin is a 100 times bigger project than Bitcoin Cash.


  • Bitcoin has multiple flaws such as scalability issues and transaction congestion.
  • Bitcoin cash was a result of a hard fork that was initiated in August 2017 due to difference in opinion between the community members of Bitcoin.
  • A group of people that thought increasing block size of each block was a more viable solution to the congestion problem rather than reducing transaction size and thus created Bitcoin Cash.
  • Bitcoin is still going strong whereas Bitcoin Cash has been left where it was after the fork.

Disclaimer: The article is meant for the educational purpose only and in no way it should be considered as financial advice. Own research on the topic is advisable.

Photo by PixLoger on Pixabay