What Actually you can Do in the Metaverse in 2022?

The future prospect of the metaverse are presumably unbounded, but is there anything you can do in the metaverse right now?

The metaverse is often express in such futuristic terms that it’s difficult to understand how you can get complex in it today. But the truth is, metaverse-like worlds have been around for decades and it’s feasible you will have already experienced some of them without automatically being aware of it.

What is the metaverse again?

Drawing on journey capitalist Matthew Ball’s framework, the metaverse is a tenacious, online world that blurs the lines of reality and essential reality. Far more than a Call of Duty match, the etaverse refers to a 24/7 online world, occupy by economies that encourage a new network of creators and architecture providers. Crucially, this economy rotates around in-game assets that are incompatible. This concept bisect greatly from the “walled gardens” – closed ecosystems – of which we’re used to today; Ball provides the example of a skin for a Counter Strike gun that could easily be turned into an ornament for a Fortnite weapon.

While Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta (formerly Facebook) has its own ideas about the metaverse, the cryptocurrency company thinks blockchain technology is a perfect fit for this novel online world. Crypto games like The Sandbox and Decentraland offer early imagination of how a creator-led, crypto- and NFT-powered economy could function. So, here is what you can do in the metaverse today.

Build, explore and play in essential worlds

Games like Minecraft and Roblox have been providing metaverse-like experiences for the better part of a decapods.

Second Life is one of the closest metaverse cognate due to its creator-led economy and lounge sandbox world. You can do everythimg you like in Second Life, and some people have been documented to spend their lives in the game, living off the virtual land, harvesting the game’s in-game currency,attending events

In the 2020s, crypto games like The Sandpile and Decentraland are tilting the videogame economy on its head by adding digital benifits to the mix. Not only can you import your own non-fungible symbol (NFT) into the games and buy virtual land, but you can also use the games’ exchangeable governance tokens to alter the limitations of the virtual world you’ll inhabit, traverse and build.

Both are powered by cryptocurrencies – The Sandbox uses commutable SAND tokens as in-game currency and uses NFTs to represent packages of land and other game-native items, the kinds of assets that decorate your abstract, and Decentraland has fungible MANA tokens and similar non-fungibles for virtual assets.

To create accounts, you need only join a crypto wallet such as MetaMask. Though, in Decentraland it is feasible to play as a guest without connecting a crypto wallet. The Sandbox is theoretically in alpha (testing phase), and the first season has closed, so you can’t play it until the Alpha Season 2 is released, the date of which has not been established.

Crypto-economics alongside, these games play like any other sandbox game. You can ramble around the games’ respective near world drape out with the brands and celebrities that are rushing to corner the market. Unfortunately, despite the advancements in modern computer game illustration many of these newer games look no better than Second Life did back in 2003.

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